Vexiot: voice experience (VX) and internet of things (IoT)

An Adelaide based team of digital specialists delivering, eCommerce store design and development, voice agent development, and new product development of digital applications that meet the needs of consumers, businesses, governments and communities.

eCommerce Stores

For many businesses Covid-19 has accelerated the take up of eCommerce. Existing businesses diversifying their income, and new businesses serving the rapidly growing online shopping trend. Vexiot provide guides including the “10 Step Beginner’s Guide to Setting up Shopify”. Design and new development services are also available.

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Product Development

The product development team is lead, by David Pyatt MBA a qualified marketing and product development consultant. With over 25 years of experience applying technoligical solutions to complex challenges. There is little David enjoys more than discussing business problems so flick him a message and arrange a catch up.

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Google Home and Alexa

Just like the Google products and apps, Amazon Echo and Alexa are selling at record rates now. Its highly likely that many of your customers and clients will be using one already. Vexiot are developing cost effective voice agents and chatbots to extend your product and service delivery to the most popular voice experience devices.

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